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Homestuck Shipping Meme by Naiah57 Homestuck Shipping Meme :iconnaiah57:Naiah57 1 7
Your lonely voice
Howls on the wind
Hoping for anyone to hear you
Wanting some attention
Because loneliness is not a friend
Needing some one to care
Looking for anyone
To give you some devotion
All you want is a little love
Some one to pay you attention
So you know
One person out there gives a care
I'll be the one to hear
That solemn voice on the wind
Giving you adoration
Passing all my affection unto you
And when you realize this
Our chains will be broken
:iconnaiah57:Naiah57 2 0
My Heart
Thoughts of you
Float lazily through my mind
Making this sadness flow
Stronger and faster
As my thoughts become more involved
You become a constant image
My love for you
Flows like a never ending river
You're my addiction
The drug that keeps me going
My one track mind
Has only you on it
When I feel like dying
I think of you
My hearts flutters
And stutters
I couldn't give a care
When my heart is with you
:iconnaiah57:Naiah57 1 0
Lux Aeterna
My eternal light
Has flickered off
This harsh howling wind
Killed the flames
Of my eternal light
The one thing that made me laugh
Truly laugh, a carefree laugh
My eternal light
The life we knew has fallen around us
And the demons dance
In the shadows of our former life
Even the soulless devil
Cries at our despair
Lux Aeterna
Our life is forever dead
The smile I once knew
Ceases to exist
I will never see
Our light make your face shine again
Lux Aeterna
My eternal light
I will forever love you
:iconnaiah57:Naiah57 1 0
Last Time
Last time...
I was alone, and couldn't see...
I reached inside, for a light in me...
My hand grew black, I screamed in pain...
A storm of darkness, a storm of rain...
I looked up toward you, desperately...
I held out my hand, "Help me, please!"
Only you can fill me with what I lack...
Only you have the light to bring me back...
As you looked back, your eyes met mine...
You lowered your head, "Not this time..."
A tear trickled down, as you turned away...
I fell to my knees, "Don't leave this way!"
As I bleed inside, I begin to see...
The rain pouring down is a part of me...
Each drop that falls on the winding road...
Is a tear that I shed for you alone...
This hurt inside isn't something new...
I know it's there, you feel it too...
Out of my sight now, I still hear your voice...
Beating with my heart, "This is my choice..."
Left in the storm, I lose my breath...
You've suffocated me...
This is death...
:iconnaiah57:Naiah57 1 0
Is It
Does he think of me?
Is it love?
This feeling in my heart
This swelling inside me
Every time he's near my heart pounds
Pumping stronger with every word he says to me
Eyes as blue as the sea
They dart to and fro over as i look to him
Is it love?
Does he think of me?
Doe he feel the same way i do
Does his heart pound when I'm near
Does he want to say I love you
Does he have this feeling of want
Of need
Does he ever miss me
Like I miss him
Does he think of me?
Is it love?
:iconnaiah57:Naiah57 1 17
You make my heart flutter
Cause butterflies to rise within me
Bubbling up from outta nowhere
This warmth inside me
Is it what I think it is
If it is then I like it
This warmth will keep me going
It will keep my heart beating steady
I'll be strong for this
Some say love weakens the heart
But they're all wrong
They are afraid of it
They are all alone
Those haters won't accept this wondrous gift
Love is what keeps us going
In the darkest of time
When we think we're all alone
When we believe no cares
And our life feels like ceasing love is there
In the best of times
It is like being on cloud nine
Floating away
With all the warmth inside you
Because of you
I know love
My heart flutters when I'm near you
:iconnaiah57:Naiah57 1 0
Oh my love
You are gone
Gone with the wind
Floating down the stream
You are everywhere
Without me
Where have you gone
I miss you so
I need you now
Why have you gone
My heart is falling apart
Without you near me
My body is in shambles
Without the warmth of your embrace
My lips are ice cold
Your fiery lips are gone from mine
Oh my love
What has happened
Where is the us
It is only me here
I want you back
No not want
I need you back
For without you here
My heart does not truly beat
When you are gone
My heart is on a dead beat
It is like you took my heart with you
Come back please
I need this more then you know
Oh my love I miss you so wherever are you when I need you
:iconnaiah57:Naiah57 0 0
You're so distant
Eyes are looking at me
But are you there
Really there
Really looking at me
I know your past
It can be scary
It hurts to look back
But only talking will make it easier
Your trust is so hard to get
Self esteem is shattered
Because of that bitch
She has no right to you
But you have to face your demons
Because at the end
You'll see a light
You'll get your sister
Whom you miss so much
And you will get
My love
:iconnaiah57:Naiah57 0 0
Shattered Love
Tears pour down from my eyes
Like rain in spring storm
It splatters on my page
Forming small puddles
As I think of you
They just get worse
Eyes feeling heavy
Brimming with tears
Falling faster
Leaving salty stains
Across my keys
My face wet
My eyes inhumanely red
Becoming brighter with each tear
They're like a never ending waterfall
Falling so fast
Each tear glistens like a star
When I think of you
Love hurts
:iconnaiah57:Naiah57 1 0
Burning Heart
One insult started it all
Started the fire burning in my chest
To kindle it you kicked my heart
Knowing how his name hurts
Like a slap in the face
Just because I loved him
Not you
You bring him up so much now
Its like you love to see my pain
The pain is like needles jabbing me
This insult
This is it
I can't take you doing this to me
This time I stand up for him
Not just ignore you
And go cry in a corner
I tell you, no I scream at you
This is enough
This is it
We are not friends
Friends don't cause each other pain
:iconnaiah57:Naiah57 0 0
His eyes they read my soul
Look into the depths of me
Asking unanswerable questions
Wondering if I'll ever be his
There's such a degree of love within those eyes
Such a degree I'll never be able to match
But if he loves me that much
I'm willing to try
If it turns out I don't love him
I'll break his heart
Into thousands of pieces
Those glass pieces
Will melt under his rage
Turning into molten anger
Flooding out
And lashing out at others
Then it will cool into a fine glass
And he will shield himself
Until he forgives
:iconnaiah57:Naiah57 0 0
One girl
All alone
After a huge mistake
He left her
To deal with this herself
Instead of blaming him
For now it was her problem
Even if he told her to
She will deal with it
Because now she has no one
Shes so unsure
But maybe just maybe
Her best friend will help
Shes so unsure
Cause she hurt him so
She goes to him quietly
Asking for forgiveness
Asking for help
He says he will
On one condition
If she promises
To never do this again
He loved her with all his heart
In the end
Its all a lie for
He runs from her
He cant stand seeing something that isnt his
Inside her
:iconnaiah57:Naiah57 2 0
Eyes on Me
Your eyes bore into me
Questions galore wander in them
Wonder in your eyes
Asking where I've been
You've found my lies
Found out I'm cheating
Found out I don't love you anymore
Have I broken your heart
Like you have shattered my life
Into a million pieces
All over the ground
Turing into sand
Floating on the wind, lifeless
Like I've been for years
I'll never be fixed
Because you broke me down
I will never be the same
:iconnaiah57:Naiah57 1 0
Love is...
Is a radiant garden
We all sit within
We may not see it happen
But it happens to us all
If not now
Very soon
Everyone experiences it
At one point or another
In our life
It may not be true love
But a love that will keep you going
Keep you living
Until you do find true love
And it takes you to heaven
To where you truly belong
With the one you need to go on
:iconnaiah57:Naiah57 0 0
In the sands of time one sees all
I see the sadness in your eyes
Hear your heartbreak
The pain is all to obvious
Though you won't tell me
You don't want me worrying
He thinks he can handle it
The question is can he
I can see you're slowly breaking
Soon to fall apart
Why won't you tell me
What is so big of a secret
That you cannot tell me
That makes you fall apart inside
So important you're hurting yourself
All to keep me safe from your own pain
You'll drown in this suffering
If you don't explain
I want to help you
My whole being needs it
Just explain, just tell me
What is wrong with you
:iconnaiah57:Naiah57 0 0


The Meaning, Taste | China x Reader

Yao Wang
     The meaning of life, as far as ___ was concerned, is taste. She always had an affinity to food, and that was probably a reason why she was drawn to Yao. He always made delicious meals for her, even when she was young. He used to just come over and cook her something when she was drowning in the wrong meaning of life. That was why, she went with him. 
     He didn't take her anywhere special, but it was all right. She was content just seeing him. Work had been tough and the only time she saw her friends was during meetings. 
     The two of them had gone on a picnic. Yao had prepared food and everything. He was more excited than ___ was, and that was saying something. The last time they were together, alone, was back in school. A good three or four years ago. Everything else was strictly business. ___ could still remember the hilar
:iconanomalykj:AnomalyKJ 23 2
Colorblind!PrussiaxReader - Iridescent
“Um, _____, what are we doing at the pier in the middle of winter?”
_____ smiled knowingly as she guided Gilbert by the hand. Her eyes glanced briefly at both her watch and the sun descending toward the horizon, and she grinned at the accuracy of her timing. “You’ll see.”
The pair trekked down the shoreline of the lake, the frosted grass crunching underneath their shoes, until _____ gradually came to a halt. Gilbert looked at her skeptically and asked, “Alright, what’s this about?”
_____ didn’t answer, but instead dove her hand into her bag and extracted a black glasses case. Holding the object out for him, she said, “Happy birthday.”
Gilbert raised an eyebrow, but took the case nonetheless. “Okay,” he said, his voice laced with a hint of confusion. “Danke.
The albino opened the case to find a pair of black thin-rimmed sunglasses, which he proceeded to put over his face. Not seconds after
:iconravens-of-rome:Ravens-of-Rome 87 19
Prussia x Reader: Can't Sleep.
    Gilbert sighed and he looked over at the night stand next to his bed. His ruby orbs squinted as the fuzzy, bright green light showed 3 in the morning. The albino ran a hand through is silvery locks. His eyes felt like sand were poured in them and he could feel the exhaust on his body. He felt the lack of sleep take a toll on his emotions: he felt like crying, begging for the sandman to allow him to fall into a peaceful rest. 
        The body next to him shifted onto it's side, facing away from him. He followed suit; shifting and moving slightly closer so he spooned the smaller form. He wrapped a careful arm around it, and snuggled his nose into the hair. Her scent was comforting to him, almost relaxing. He could feel a wet tear streak down his face against his will, and a small whimper escaped his pale pink lips. 
        "Gilbert?" The body next to him spoke, the voice groggy. It shifted and he came face-t
:iconsenpaicheyenne:SenpaiCheyenne 56 14
Pretty Great Lea by jojo56830 Pretty Great Lea :iconjojo56830:jojo56830 366 42
Supernatural: Archangels X Reader
I sighed in boredom and began to poke Lucifer, hoping to get a reaction out of him. The blonde just slammed my hand and went back to reading, causing me to glare at him before turning my attention elsewhere. Raphael was watching TV with Michael, and Gabriel was playing on my computer.
“You guys are so boring…” I muttered, before standing and walking into the kitchen to get myself something to eat. I reached to get some whipped cream before the best idea ever came to mind. I smirked before grabbing some ice cubes out the freezer and sneaking into the living room. I walked over to Gabriel first, but decided at the last minute to let him in on my plan. As I whispered into his ear his eyes lit up and I passed him the whipped cream, both of us standing and moving over to the sofas where Gabriel’s older brothers were unaware of our presence. I heard Gabriel counting down in my head and as soon as he got to one I shoved the ice cubes down the back of Lucifer’s sh
:iconsophieleighbroome:SophieLeighBroome 183 48
Supernatural: Lucifer X Reader X Michael
I snapped my book shut and huffed in frustration as I heard the arguing start.
“Here we go again…” I murmured, standing and walking towards the commotion. A couple of weeks ago, Sam and Dean had left a human Lucifer and Michael on my doorstep, begging for me to look after them. I had taken them in as I didn’t think they were going to be too much trouble, but boy was I wrong. They were constantly fighting, so I couldn’t have a moments piece, and even when they weren’t you could taste the tension in the air. As I neared the living room I could make out some phrases and knew they were arguing about why Michael cast Lucifer out. When I looked Michael was on top of Lucifer and pinning him to the floor, nearly choking him. Lucifer’s eyes were wide with panic and I quickly pushed Michael off Lucifer, allowing the ex-archangel to get his breath back before turning on them.
“What the hell is going on?” I nearly shouted, hands on hips as I gl
:iconsophieleighbroome:SophieLeighBroome 52 30
Supernatural x Reader - Period Pain
“Dinner!” Sam called, his voice traveling through the halls of the bunker. Sighing, you unplugged the heating pad you had pressed to your stomach and got up from your bed, albeit painfully. You were having some pretty bad cramps today, but hopefully a good meal would make you feel better.
Walking to the main room, you saw Dean and Cas were already there, helping Sam put out plates heaping with pasta. You sat down, the room silent for a moment as everyone started eating.
“Oh, (yn), I forgot to tell you.” Dean started. “We have a job tomorrow, a vampire nest in Indiana. Be packed and ready in the morning.”
“Yup.” You answered automatically, until you remembered your… condition. “Dammit. I can’t go.”
Sam’s brow furrowed. “What? Why?”
“Uh… I…”
“(yn), you better have a good reason. It’s a big nest, so either all four of us go or none of us.” Dean said.
Cas took
:iconeverytimechelle:everytimechelle 175 17
CastielxReader- Toaster Issues
You leaned back on the couch in the bunker, propping your feet up on the table and opening your book. You eagerly dived into the world the character lived in. You were humming cheerfully to yourself. Sam and Dean were out on a hunt, and you had just come back from a solo hunt the night before. Castiel was hanging around the bunker, poking around. You said as long as he didn’t break anything and stuff like that, it would be fine. After all, he was much more accustomed to human tech now. What was the worst that could happen?
    You were so involved in the book that you didn’t realize that Cas had stopped looking through the countless books on the shelves, and had wandered off to the kitchen to see what was in there. But a few minutes later, you heard a small ‘ding’, his scream, and than a loud explosion. You shot up off the couch and dropped the book, running into the kitchen to see what had happened. You stopped short when you saw that there was n
:iconwolfp3lt:Wolfp3lt 177 34
Castiel X-Reader - Car Ride
    “Please tell me this is the last box.” You let the box of books fall into place in the backseat of the Impala.
    “Yes it is.” Dean shuts the car door and makes his way around to the driver side of the vehicle. “Let’s hit the road.”
    Sam gets into the car, maneuvering his long limbs to fit in next to the wall of boxes taking up the middle of the front bench seat, Dean following suit on the other side. You walk around to get in the backseat with Cass right behind you. When he sees how crowded the backseat is, he lifts his eyebrows.
    “Are we going to need another car?” He inquires.
    You shake your head and open the door. “Nope. Get in, bird-brain.”
    He obeys, sliding into the car and pressing up next to the boxes. When he’s situated, you slide in on top of him and sit on his lap before shutting the door behind y
:iconsophisticated-angel:Sophisticated-Angel 287 31
Gradient [Leo x Reader]
NOTE: Drabble collection of sorts, using colors as word prompts. The entire fic takes place during Revelations route in chronological order. Warning for spoilers.
-- Gray --
Gray was the color of the sky when you decided to take neither Hoshido's or Nohr's side.
You were blinking back tears as you were assisted by Azura and Jakob, trying to stop the battle. After making your escape, you choked a sob while being comforted by your loyal butler and your newfound ally.
What you didn't notice was the longing and hurt Leo had felt as he saw you disappear.
Part of him wanted to listen to you, while the other part wanted to brand you as a traitor. He was conflicted and unsure of the situation, but his loyalty to Nohr and his own family preceded before anything else.
-- Silver --
Silver was the color of your armor as dirt began to settle between the crevices over time.
While you were still living in Nohr you would often find yourself polishing your armor, much to Jakob's di
:iconsourumeitos:sourumeitos 71 19
One Call Away (Nishinoya x Reader)
She was sitting on the couch silently. Her eyes were blankly looking on the small mobile phone wrapped in a pink-and-blue case that was set on the coffee table. She could hear the soft ticks of the wall clock and the slow dripping drops of water coming from the faucet by the kitchen sink.
It was a cold Sunday morning. She was about to go to the local supermarket to buy groceries, but decided to do the task later in the afternoon because she got lazy to go out of the house early. So, she made herself toasted bread and Sunny-Side Up for breakfast instead, ate the meal quietly on the couch and glanced again at her phone.
She blinked surprisingly when she noticed the date at the small screen. With a smile on her face, she laid her body on the couch and took two pillows. She couldn't avoid feeling fidgety; her heart started beating fast when she looked at the phone once more.
Her mind started wandering somewhere until it brought her to that familiar place...
:iconardnaxela07:ardnaxela07 4 5
I think I found you - bokuto |soulmate|
soulmate au
-> the one where the words on your body change depending on what’s going on with your soulmate
The first time I payed attention to the words scribbled on my hand was when they changed. They had been a simple word for as long as I could remember: volleyball. Well, volleyball was the only consistent word. They would change now and then to reveal words like 'I'm kind of sad but it's okay, I guess' and one time it was literally 'my feet can't move because I've been jumping all day'. These words would only stay for a day or a couple of hours. I used to be aggravated that literally the only important thing my soulmate could think about was some stupid sport, but I forgot about the whole idea of a soulmate when I realized nothing was going to change for a while. 
It was a Tuesday during spring when the drastic change happened. Certain letters disappeared, and some stayed to form the word 'I failed'. I looked at the words for days on end, awakening a wor
:iconwhatsausernamereally:whatsausernamereally 439 28
Unexpected (Dirk Strider x Abused! Reader) End
Unexpected (Dirk Strider x Abused! Reader) Epilogue
A few days after your fateful visit, Dirk was released from the hospital. It was hard for you to decide whether or not you were more anxious or excited about his return. Sure, you had visited him at the hospital but... For some reason you were completely nerve-wracked about him ‘coming home.’ It was hard to concentrate on your studies – you were being home-schooled for the time being, considering everything that had happened – and Jade had suggested that you take a break multiple times.
The moment you saw him walk in, though, you could tell he was feeling the same nervousness that you were. Though he had those stupid shades on again, his blonde hair was a mess and his hands were shaking slightly. It was weird, how you were so relieved to see him just as nervous as you. After all, it was only recently that you nearly believed he didn’t show emotion. It was a relief to know that even as he tried to h
:iconchibi-katana:Chibi-Katana 23 13
Unbroken|Sugawara Koushi x Injured!Musician!Reader
A loud note rang in your ears as you gently pressed on its key. Your fingers walked along the plastic keys of the grand piano in front of you, staring it down with glazed over eyes. Your mind was filled with memories of a better time. A time when your fingers danced on the checkered keys with ease. A time when you played out to your heart’s content without a care in the world. A time when Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven would have applauded your performances from their graves. But those times faded as a sour pitch echoed throughout the room and into the halls.
DING DING. You pressed the cringe worthy note harder. DING DING DING. You forced the key harder and harder until it was met with your flying fist, an array of dissonant pitches filling the empty music room. Cold tears trickled down your face as you bit your quivering lip, desperate to keep what little calm you had left.
:iconjeluvs2laugh:JEluvs2laugh 37 9
Mature content
CrossDresser!John Egbert x Reader :iconsallade:Sallade 42 16
Holiday sweets (Jane x Reader)
You decided to do something somewhat cliched but ultimately nice for your friends this holiday season. You were going to invite them over a small surprise party! You had everything bought, and the only thing left to do was to bake cupcakes. So you decided to spend the day baking, and invite everyone later in the day when everything was ready.
...At least, that was the plan, until an unexpected visitor decided to drop by on this certain afternoon.
You had just put the first batch of cupcakes in the oven, when you heard your doorbell ring.
You answered the door and there stood your good friend and slight flush-crush Jane Crocker.
"Janey?" You asked, surprised to see her,"What brings you here today?"
"I was in the neighborhood and I decided to stop b-" She stopped talking mid sentence, and pouted slightly,"(Y/N)! Are you baking without me?!"
"How did yo-?! You know what. I'm not even going to ask," You said. You told her about the party you had planned for everyone.
"Well," Jane said, ste
:iconmagicalgirlsailorm:MagicalGIrlSailorM 2 2


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